Homework Directions
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Introduction to Computer Programming
Not following these instructions will result in a marked down of 5%.

File format

Your homework must be formatted as follows, unless otherwise specified:

If there are multiple files, a single zip file must be submitted.

Written document format

Your homework assignments require a cover sheet. Use this cover sheet. Handwritten homework will be marked down an additional 5%.


See the specific homework for the appropriate document and comment templates.


You are allowed to have theoretical discussions concerning the homework with fellow students and concrete discussions with the TAs, and professor. You must document these contacts. Failure to do so will be considered a violation of the academic honesty policy. You must also document any other resources you used to solve the homework. These reference should be documented in the program comment headers.

Submitting your homework

All homework must be submitted electronically. Before class, turn in an electronic version as follows:

Your programming assignments must be graded during your lab section. Upload your assignment to D2L. The TA will download it from D2L and grade it with you present. You must be present. The TAs will give priority to grading students' assignments due that week, then to helping students with their assignments, and then to grading students' assignments due previous weeks. You must request that your assignment be graded at least 15 minutes before the end of your lab section for the assignment to be counted as on time.

How to format citations and references

The citations in your assignments must follow the IEEE style.