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Introduction to Computer Programming
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Course Materials Grading Attendance and Participation Assignments Honesty

Contact Information

Professor Richard J. Povinelli, Ph.D.
Phone 414.288.7088
Office Hours Haggerty Hall 221
TA Office Hours TBD

Course Description and Prerequisites

Students will be introduced to computer programming with an emphasis on object-oriented programming (OOP) and OOP design methodologies. The students will learn about typical programming constructs including data types, data structures, control structures, data input and output techniques as well as several algorithms used for solving engineering problems. In addition, students will learn to use modern programming tools in an integrated development environment by focusing on developing software solutions to significant engineering problems. Prerequisites: Two years of college preparatory mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry).

Course Goals

By the end of this course, you should...
  • implement real-world object oriented programs using the Java language.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you should...
  • Use the basics of object oriented programming (OOP) including (but not limited to) classes, objects, messages, methods, and attributes.
  • Design, implement, test, and run a Java application.

Course Outline

What When
Chapter 1: Two Simple Java Programs wk1-2
Chapter 2: Constants, Variables, and Operators wk2-3
Chapter 3: Primitive Types and Casts wk4
Chapter 4: if, if-else, and while Statemests wk5-6
Chapter 5: Calling Methods wk7
Chapter 8: Using Predefined Classes wk8
Chapter 6: Constructing Objects: Part 1 wk9-10
Chapter 9: Arrays, ArrayLists wk11
Chapter 18: Graphical User Interfaces wk12
Chapter 7: Constructing Objects: Part 2 wk13
Chapter 10: Inheritance: Part 1 wk14
Chapter 13: File Processing wk15

Course Materials

Required Text

An Introduction to Programming Using Java by Anthony J. Dos Reis, Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2012.

Author's Book Website


What Number Value per Total
Homework 13 ~2.7% 35%
In-class assignments 10%
Project 1 25%
Exams 4 7.5% 30%
Total 100%

NOTE: All dates and numbers are subject to change as deemed necessary!

Grade Scale

93+ A
90-93 A-
87-90 B+
83-87 B
80-83 B-
77-80 C+
73-77 C
70-73 C-
67-70 D+
60-67 D
0-60 F

The grading scale is the most stringent one you will be held to, i.e. I can give you a higher letter grade than shown on the scale, but never a lower one. If you have missing assignments, you are inelligible to receive a higher grade.

Late Assignments

I will deduct 5% for assignments up to one day late, 10% for two days late, and 15% for up to three days late, and so on up to a maximum of 50% off. Assignments are due at the beginning of class. They are late after that. Assignments are not accepted after solutions have been distributed, nor after the last day of class. In class assignments are only accepted during the class period they are assigned.

Attendance and Participation

While I do not take attendance per se, attendance is determined via frequent in-class assignments. These in-class assignments are graded and may be turned in only during the class period they are given. Based on the Marquette University Attendance Policy, you may be assigned a WA for more than six missing in-class assignments. I do not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences. However, two in-class assignments may be made up by turning in a makeup assignment within one week of the missed in-class assignment. Contact me to receive the makeup assignment.


You should expect to spend, on average, from six (6) to twelve (12) hours per week on homework assignments and preparation for exams for this class. This time is in addition to the time spent in class and laboratory.

All written portions of assignments must be created using a word processor. No part of the writeup may be hand drawn. The assignments are to be well written with proper spelling and grammar. Points will be deducted for poorly written assignments. Written portions of assignments must be turned in as MS Word documents (.docx format). Code and other portions must be submitted in the proper electronic format. I will deducted 5% from incorrectly formatted assignments.

All assignments must be turned in via D2L. Assignments are due according to the the time specified in the D2L calendar.

Homework assignments

There will be ~13 homework assignments which will be collected and graded. The homework assignments will be scaled to 35% of your grade. Homework and project assignments must be graded by a TA during a laboratory section with you present.

In-class assignments

There will be in-class assignments that must be turned in by the end of class. These will be scaled to 10% of your grade.


There will four (4) exams each worth 7.5% of your grade. See the calendar for the dates.

Academic Integrity