Homework Directions
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Chaos and Nonlinear Signal Processing
Not following these instructions will result in a marked down of 5%.

File format

Your homework must be formatted as follows, unless otherwise specified:

If there are multiple files, a single zip file must be submitted.

Written document format

Your homework assignments require a cover sheet. Use this cover sheet. Handwritten homework will be marked down an additional 5%.

Article review

Your article reviews will be peer reviewed by your fellow students in addition to the instructor. The version that will go to your peers will be reviewed using a double blind review process. You don't know whose paper you are reviewing and the author won't know who reviewed it.

In addition to the copy turned in electronically, bring one copy to class without the cover sheet.

Peer review of article reviews

Scan the marked up copy of the article review and turn it in electronically. Bring the original with markup to be returned to the author.

Submitting your homework

All homework must be submitted electronically. Before class, turn in an electronic version as follows:

Further Submission Instructions

How to format citations and references

The citations in your assignments must follow the IEEE style.