Article Reviews
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Due: Periodically throughout the semester at the beginning of class. See the course calendar.


There will be four (4) article reviews. Here is an example. They will help you understand the relevant literature for your research project. You will identify articles that are relevant to the course topic, if you are unsure of its relevance double check with the instructor. For each article, write a 1 page (400-500 words) summary. The summary should be an extended abstract that provides an overview of each section of the paper. If the summary is shorter than 400 words, the review will be marked down 1/2 a letter grade.

You will also write a 1 page (400-500 words) critique. Critiques shorter than 400 words will be marked down 1/2 a letter grade. You should critique the article on the following criteria.


Here is an example of a review that you should use for format purposes. Make sure to use the IEEE format for the reference. Make sure the summary and the critique are double spaced.