Homework 3
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Fundamentals of AI

Due: Thursday, October 6, 2016

For programming portions of this assignment you may use the code available in the online code repository, but you must specify the origin of all code. Make sure you submit a working programs that I can run for all programming problems.

  1. 3.3 in AIMA
  2. 3.5 in AIMA (Find the fastest algorithm to solve n-queens. Cite the source, explain the algorithm, and draw conclusions about what this algorithms says about approaching a problem.)
  3. 3.17 in AIMA
  4. 3.19 in AIMA
  5. 3.21 in AIMA
  6. 5.21 in AIMA
  7. Midterm Exam Questions Submission
    • You are to write seven (7) exam questions for the midterm exam. You are to provide the answers for the questions. Questions should be from the material we've covered in class, you've read in your additional reading, or learned from working on your projects.
    • I will use the best questions on the midterm exam, hence if you write good questions and they end up on the exam, they will be very easy for you to answer. Also, I will grade according to how strong a questions is. If it is included on the exam it will earn full credit. Questions that are not included on the exam, but are good questions will also earn full credit.
    • I reserve the right to write additional questions, if there are not enough good questions submitted by the class.
  8. Respond to one post on the slack #games channel.