Weekly Status Report
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Embedded Systems Design
Date due: Week according to the calendar. Mostly Tuesday's before class, but when we don't meet on Tuesday, then Thursday before class.

When: Mostly Tuesday's before class, but when we don't meet on Tuesday, then Thursday before class.

What: Weekly status report for the entire team

Who: Designated team scribe

How: Via D2L Dropbox.


Status Report Template

Reading? There are tremendous resources available, and you will find that whatever you know is not enough. Hence, I expect each class member to read at least 2 chapters in appropriate books each week. In your weekly report, just tell me the author, title, and chapter titles you read.

How hard is this? Any reporting takes time. Good progress reporting SHOULD not take so much time you have no work to report. The team SHOULD be delegating tasks so each team member knows what they should be working on. Hence, _IF_ you have work to report, preparing your weekly report to send to your team secretary should not take more than 10 minutes, maximum. It should not take the secretary more than 10 minutes to assemble them all and pass them on to me. If you find yourself taking longer than these guidelines, the team needs to talk to me about it.

Purpose: You make a plan, and you intend to follow that plan. Regular status reporting is one tool for tracking actual against planned progress to give an early warning of trouble. Also, regular reporting of your work is your assurance that the boss knows what your contributions are.

I want ONE report per team. I will not accept straggler reports from individual team members. If you miss your team's report, you miss the week.


In the weekly status reports, I really look at

  1. Did everyone on the team report?
  2. Individual hours
  3. In general, what did each person do? Are they doing their share?
  4. Are individuals looking for ways to contribute?
  5. Does the team seem to have some idea what to do next?

Otherwise, the details do not matter. I do not want lengthy reports that take you more than a few minutes to compile.