Project Plan
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Embedded Systems Design

Date dues: See Calendar

  1. Have a team meeting. Make an agenda using this template. Use this agenda template for every meeting.
  2. Set up an online collaboration site. You may use any tool you would like, such as D2L or Google code. The site will eventually include:
    1. Entry page
    2. Team members, contact information, and brief bios
    3. Agendas and minutes from each team meeting
    4. Copies of status reports
    5. Copies of all deliverable documents
    6. Project prototype
    7. Other materials as appropriate and/or assigned
  3. Develop a plan to successfully complete this project iteration and document the plan. The most important part of this plan will be a who-what-when. This will be the driving management document for your project.
  4. Choose a fun name for your team.

General suggestions (very strong suggestions)

  1. Post agendas ahead of time.
  2. Take minutes for each meeting, and post them.
  3. Take turns for roles as scribe, time keeper, process checker, meeting leader.

Project plan rubric