Article Reviews
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Due: Periodically throughout the semester at the beginning of class. See the course calendar.


There will be five (5) article reviews. They will help you understand the relevant software engineering literature. You will identify research articles that are relevant to the course topic, if you are unsure of its relevance double check with the instructor. For each article you will write a 1 page (400-500 words) summary and a 1 page (400-500 words) critique. You should critique the article on the following levels with greater emphasis given to the last two items.


Turn in your assignment in MS word format. Use the BRS/Tagged format for identifying the author (AU), title (TI), source (S), abstract (AB), and your summary and critique (CA). This format is automatically created by Ovid using the online reference engines. Here is an example of a review. The electronically submitted version should be single spaced.


See the general directions for submitting your homework.