System and Object Design
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Date due: Every iteration through the RUP according to your project plan, but before subsequent steps are completed and before the end of the phase.


Create a design to meet the requirements you specified and document the design in a System Design Document and Object Design Document.


The goal of this part of the RUP is to create a good design, not simple fill in document templates. Keep that in mind.

Remember that the goal of good design is to make good implementation easy. If your report makes your coding easy, it is a good report. If it does not contribute to coding, you are probably not doing the right things.

You may assume I have a copy of your Requirements Analysis Document. You may cross-reference to it by section or page number rather than repeat the same information.

You should NOT assume I remember the details of your Requirements Analysis Document.

  1. I expect your report to include the following:
    • Sections outlined in System Design Document and Object Design Document.
    • Modification of Use-case Diagrams (if any)
    • Sequence Diagrams for all use cases
      • For each sequence diagram, include any notes explaining how you derived it from the use case
    • Class Diagrams
    • Subsystem decomposition
      • For each subsystem, describe its interface and discuss design trade-offs you made.
    • State Diagrams for Selected Classes/Objects (anywhere from two to four diagrams)
    • Packages
    • Class interfaces
    • Interface documentation guidelines and coding conventions
  2. Follow the guidelines/rules of thumb presented in class.
  3. The use of RATIONAL ROSE is required.
  4. Have all group members sign on the cover page
  5. Include a brief description of the contributions of each member