Homework 5
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Due: Monday February 23, 2004 at the beginning of class

  1. (2 points) Consider a file system with a graphical user interface, such as Macintosh's Finder, Microsoft's Windows Explorer, or Linux's KDE. The following objects were identified from a use case describing how to copy a file from a floppy disk to a hard disk: File, Icon, TrashCan, Folder, Disk, Pointer. Specify which are entity objects,which are boundary objects, and which are control objects.
  2. (2 points) Assuming the same file system as before, consider a scenario consisting of selecting a File on a floppy, dragging it to Folder, and releasing the mouse. Identify and define at least one control object associated with this scenario.
  3. (2 points) Arrange the objects listed in Exercises 1 and 2 horizontally on a sequence diagram, the boundary objects to the left, then the control objects you identified, and finally, the entity objects. Draw the sequence of interactions resulting from dropping the file into a folder. For now, ignore the exceptional cases.
  4. (2 points) Consider the object model in Figure 5-32 in the book. Given your knowledge of the Gregorian calendar, list all the problems with this model. Modify it to correct each of them.
  5. (2 points) From the sequence diagram Figure 2-34, draw the corresponding class diagram. Hint: Start with the participating objects in the sequence diagram.