Homework 4
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Due: Monday February 16, 2004 at the beginning of class

  1. (2 points) To which roles would you assign the following tasks?
    • Change a subsystem interface to accommodate a new requirement.
    • Communicate the subsystems interface change to other teams.
    • Change the documentation as a result of the interface change.
    • Design a test suite to find efects introduced by the change.
    • Ensure that the change is completed on schedule.
  2. (2 points) Draw a UML activity diagram representing the meeting process described in Section 3.4.1. Focus in particular on the work products generated before and after the meeting, such as the agenda and the meeting minutes. Use swimlanes to represent roles.
  3. (2 points) Select at random a working day in your work week. Log all activities that qualify as communication activities (e.g., taking to friends over coffee, obtaining information from a fellow student, providing information, negotiating, advertising, browsing the web). What fraction of your working day does communication represent?
  4. (2 points) You are a member of the user interface team. You are reponsible for designing and implementing forms that collect information about users of the systems (e.g., first name, last name, address, email address, level of expertise). The informaiton you are collecting is stored in the database and used by the reporting subsytem. You are not sure which fields are required information and which are optional. How do you find out?
  5. (2 points) Which changes in the organization and communication infrastructure would you recommend for a successor of the Ariane 5 project as a consequence of the Ariane 501 failure described in chapter 3?