Homework 3
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Due: Monday February 9, 2004 at the beginning of class

  1. (2 points) Consider your watch as a system and set the time 2 minutes ahead. Write down each interaction between you and your watch as a scenario. Record all interactions, including any feedback the watch provides you.
  2. (2 points) Consider the scenario you wrote in Exercise 1. Identify the actor of the scenario. Next, write the corresponding use case SetTime. Include all cases, and include setting the time forward and backward, and setting hours, minutes, and seconds.
  3. Below are examples of nonfunctional requirements. Specify which of these requirements are verifiable and which are not:
    • "The system must be useable."
    • "The system must provide visual feedback to the user within one second of issuing a command."
    • "The availability of the system must be above 95 percent."
    • "The user interface of the new system should be similar enough to the old system that users familiar with the old system can be easily trained to use the new system."
  4. The need for developing a complete specification may encourage an analyst to write detailed and lengthy documents. Which competing quality of specification (see Table 4-1) may encourage an analyst to keep the specification short?
  5. Maintaining traceability during requirements and subsequent activities is expensive, because of the additional information that must be captured and maintained. What are the benefits of traceability that outweigh this overhead? Which of those benefits are directly beneficial to the analyst?