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Labs and Facilities

Speech and Signal Processing Lab

Data Acquisition and Audio Equipment

  • Sound Booth

  • DAT Player/Recorder

  • DAT-Link+ interface system

  • Sparc20 and 4G file server

  • 3 Reel-to-reel systems

  • Misc. audio equipment & tools, etc.

Computer Lab & Equipment

  • 14 computers (4 Pentium, 4 Pentium Pro, 2 Pentium II, 3 Pentium 3, 1 Pentium 4)

  • 4 printers

  • Conference Room

  • Faculty & student office space

  • Reference Library (Texts, Journals, Conference Proceedings, etc.)


Two graduate students testing out the speech booth

The speechlab team gathered around the conference table

Knowledge & Information Discovery Lab

  • 6 computers (1 Pentium 4, 2 Pentium 3, 1 Pentium 3 dual processor, 2 AMD Duron 800 MHz)

  • 2 printers

  • Student work space
  • References (Texts)

Condor Cluster

We have a cluster of computers running Condor software, which was developed at UW-Madison: Marquette's cluster currently incorporates 79 computers in two different buildings.

The Central Manager of the cluster, located in the Academic Support Facility

The Computer Engineering Lab with 22 computers on the cluster



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